Tie-down, Load Security

The Technical Regulations as Firm Establishment of the Law

In addition to the statutory civil and road traffic conditions for correct securing of loads, there are other ascertainments of goods – e.g. through DIN EN 12642 Code XL, as well as from VDI, Daimler AG or trade associations – who set out detailed specifications for transportation of goods. The Road Traffi c Act states that the recognised codes of practice must be observed when securing loads, as well as the sources named.

Regulations such as the VDI Directive 2700, with its supplements, or the DL Directive 9.5 are intended to determine conditions for the specific sectors and goods regarding the securing of loads, so that the load is not subject to damage during transit, as well as during loading and that persons involved are not put at risk.

In addition to observing the statutory and professional regulations for securing loads, another good reason is the § 22 Road Traffic Act. This deals with the topic of loading. Paragraph 1 of these paragraphs deals with the securing of loads and here the 2nd sentence verbatim: "Thereby [for securing the load], observe the acknowledged rules of technology".

Referred to with this so-called "acknowledged rules of technology", are et al., the DIN and EN standards for the topic of securing loads, as well as the Directive VDI 2700. Precisely these regulations are applied by courts when the case involves civil, traffic or penal law regarding damage, e.g. because of a "lost load".

The acknowledged rules of technology can also be relied upon from a legal point of viewSticker to verify certifi ed structural rigidity according to DIN EN 12642 Code XL.Load securing equipment is tested by TÜV Nord and meets the requirements of EN 12642.Schmitz Cargobull Safety Roof increases structural rigidity.

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