Tie-down, Load Security

The Physical Forces

Physical forces are constantly acting and determine our life, consciously or unconsciously. Whether by gravitational force, centrifugal force or friction force – the natural laws make no exception for the load on your trailer. There are repeatedly situations in traffic in which you and your load sense the effect of these physical forces.

Acceleration when moving off

The increase of speed within a specifiedtime – that is the acceleration. It has the effect that the load wants to slide rearwards.


Braking – the opposite to acceleration

Also the reduction – the braking – is a change in speed. It has the effect that the load wants to move towards the driver’s cab.


Cornering – the sidewards acceleration

A change of direction is also evident when cornering at exactly the same speed: the centrifugal acceleration. It has the effect of pushing the load towards the sidewall.



More Powerful than You Think

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