Tie-down, Load Security

Combined Securing of the Load

The easy form
Normally, the combination of positive and forced locking for securing loads is the easiest and most advantageous form, because the elements of both methods are complemented. The decisive factor is that the time required and work intensity is low but, however, ensures optimum security.

This is also particularly applicable for high cargo – here, the combination of positive locking and lashing down is the best method to counter the risk of tipping.

The ideal combination for practical and clever securing of loads includes the common application of chocks and lashing straps, of head slings with lashing down, or head slings in conjunction with empty pallets.

When is it beneficial to use combined securing of the load?
For the transportation of paper rolls, heavy concrete sections, large containers, special construction sections, high goods and similar loads.

The correct measures for a combination of securing the loads is not only a technical requirement, but also a financial oneCombined Securing of the Load.Chocks lock rolls of paper, while lashing belts increase the contact pressure.A supporting pallet held in place by belts is a simple solution for securing loads with positive locking.Positive locking on the side and at the front, with the load lashed down.

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