Tie-down, Load Security

Practical Examples - Paper and Coil Transport

The measures previously mentioned are an indication of the most important aspects of securing loads. Of course, in practice each case must be individually considered. Meanwhile, there are many special forms of transport for which specific standards have been developed. Some of these solutions are indicated here.

High Point Loads when Transporting Coils.
The transportation of steel coils is not possible without specially equipping the trailer. It is paramount that the chassis is designed for the high point loading. A recessed well then automatically defines the correct position during loading. All other measures are obviously dimensioned on a larger scale than the standard load securing equipment: stanchions to insert in the well, tensioning chains and heavy-duty lashing eyes.


Steel and Coil Transport.
The necessary design details for coil transport cannot always be retrofitted. These are specially designed vehicles which are configured correspondingly during production. It is important to ensure that the geometry of the coil well is compatible with the dimensions of the load.

Shaped steels such as panels and profiles can also be secured using standard general cargo load securing equipment, provided that units packaged with steel strapping – ideally on pallets – are loaded.





Practical Examples - Paper and Coil Transport - Trailer - Securing of LoadsThe weight optimised metal chocks secure the  horizontal rolls at an angle of 90°, longitudinally  or laterally to the driving direction. Upright rolls  are lashed down.Positive locking blockade of the roll using  special chocks in combination with anti-slip  mats.The coil well defines the ideal loading position.Chassis with integrated coil well.This chassis can carry max. 30 t with a 1,500 mm load centre.The Joloda rails with perforation grids and sturdy aluminium corner stanchions are easy to clean and simplify both handling and securing the load.Storage cases – built into the bulkhead in this case – make sure that the necessary parts are available at any time.Finding the right position for the coil in the trailer is crucial for transport safety. The manufacturer’s specifi cations must be taken into account.

Transporting Hard Paper Rolls.
Chocks are important equipment for securing horizontal paper rolls and prevent them from rolling away. All of the surfaces must be fitted with anti-slip mats specifically designed for paper transport. Directly lashing paper rolls with a head strap can prevent them from tipping over.

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