Punctuality, safety, reliability and quality are the key factors for successfully completing jobs in the courier, express and parcel service sector. To do this, you need a simple, flexible and efficient transport solution to ensure that you always deliver on time to demanding customers.
Efficient transport of dry freight with the M.KO EXPRESS truck.


The M.KO EXPRESS box body truck is a fast and reliable solution for courier, express and parcel services in urban logistics or long-distance transportation.
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Efficiently handle distribution transport work.


Whether urban logistics or long-distance transportation, the Z.KO EXPRESS central axle box trailer provides a universal and reliable solution for courier, express and parcel services.
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S.KO EXPRESS dry-freighter box body semi-trailer


The S.KO EXPRESS box body semi-trailer is designed for just-in-time deliveries, ensuring that you never miss a deadline. Smooth surfaces within the trailer make sure that your freight arrives at its destination undamaged. The FERROPLAST? body reliably protects goods from weathering and theft.
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