M.KI with thermal insulation

M.KI with thermal insulation

M.KI truck tipper bodies have a rounded steel body and full thermal insulation in compliance with DIN 70001, enabling the transportation of smaller quantities of asphalt for road construction.
  • TypeRigid truck with rear tipping body
  • BodyRounded steel body with full insulation
  • Volume18
  • Type length5,5
  • Body depth1.460mm
  • ChassisSteel
  • UseMix (asphalt)
  • Chassis
  • Attachment parts

Steel subframes and chassis

Tipper bodies can be perfectly matched with the selected rigid truck chassis. Their galvanised and extremely torsionally rigid subframes enable the bodies to be attached to all popular manufacturers' trucks, transforming the vehicle into a highly durable, safe and efficient unit. 
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Attachment parts
  • Body
  • Rear
  • Roof

Rounded steel body

Robust tipper body with low centre of gravity and high tipping stability thanks to the broad floor of the well. 
The torsion-resistant subframe transforms the truck and body into a single extremely durable, safe and efficient vehicle.
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