The M.KO COOL box body truck offers refrigerated transport with outstanding manoeuvrability and loading capacity in tight spaces. M.KO COOL truck box bodies are high-performance bodies, which fit all well-known manufacturers' chassis and meet individual requirements.
Reliable fresh food transport with the M.KO COOL truck

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Simply configure your made-to-measure semi-trailer with the Schmitz Cargobull M.KO COOL truck box body at your partner. This complete solution is available in a range of different series. Schmitz Cargobull and your partner will be on hand to assist with all maintenance and warranty issues throughout the entire service life of your vehicle. This saves you time - after all, fewer stops mean more time out on the road and better profitability for your business.

  • Chassis
  • Coupling mounting
Subframe can be fitted to all popular trucks.

Steel subframes and chassis

Our galvanised subframe can be fitted to all trucks, regardless of the manufacturer. Accessories and bodies are simply mounted on the subframe. Its bolted construction means that components can be easily replaced, keeping down maintenance and repair costs.
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Coupling mounting
Trailer coupling with all the necessary connections for the trailer.

Coupling mounting

Perfectly prepared: trailer coupling with all the necessary connections for the trailer. The type of trailer coupling can vary according to the required coupling position, type of electrical and air connections, and the coupling fittings.
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  • Page
  • Equipment for through-loading trailers
  • Double-decker system
  • Special equipment
  • Rear
  • Floor
  • Lighting
Loading and unloading through the side door.

Side door

A good alternative to partial loads with multi-temperature transport with a partition. The side door enables the trailer to be partially unloaded and provides access to individual MultiTemp chilled zones.
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Equipment for through-loading trailers
High loading volume with the double-decker system.

Double-decker system

Flexible and higher utilisation of the trailer's capacity, thanks to its double-decker system. Ideal for freight that cannot be stacked. The system provides for gap-free loading using two infinitely height-adjustable split levels.
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Special equipment
Reinforced roof panels for meat transport.

Meat hanging equipment

The roof and side walls of the insulated FERROPLAST® box body are specially reinforced. The Euro meat hanging system is available for meat transport.
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Side wall
Exterior lighting provides for the safety of the truck and other road users.

External lighting

Side markers, and front and rear lights on trailers are required by law. Additional reversing lights or working spotlights and a warning lamp for the tail lift are also optionally available.
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  • Cooling unit
  • MultiTemp equipment
  • Strip curtain
Cooling unit
Efficient cooling with a brand-name underfloor cooling unit.

Underfloor cooling unit

The underfloor brand-name cooling unit is a high-performance alternative to front wall units. Full use of the space in low-coupled central axle trailers when there is no room on the front wall for a cooling unit.
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MultiTemp equipment
Strip curtain
Strip curtain for the M.KO truck box body

Strip curtain

Variable strip curtains, which can be moved lengthwise, guarantee enhanced goods safety while reducing fuel use, as less cooled air is lost through open doors with partial loads.
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  • Restraint
  • Lashing points and aids
Lashing points and medium


Comprehensive certifications for your safety in day-to-day transportation work.

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