BERGERecotrail®️ Lightweight trailers

BERGERecotrail®️ Lightweight trailers

Discover the lightweight trailers from BERGERecotrail®️: The lightweight semi-trailers are particularly suitable for high payload applications. The TrailerConnect® telematics system, integrated as standard, ensures efficient planning and transparent processes.
  • 27.6 t payload, technically possible
  • 4.3 t tare weight
  • Fuel savings of several thousand euros per year due to the low tare weight. 
  • Safe and durable due to high-quality components
  • 33.9 t payload, technically possible
  • 5.0 tonnes tare weight
  • Transport up to 2.5 tonnes more freight per journey. A competitive advantage that pays off.
  • Fuel savings of several thousand euros per year thanks to the low tare weight. 
  • Now also available as a multifunctional MEGA Coil the requirements of coil transport
  • 33.6 t payload, technically possible
  • 5.3 tonnes tare weight
  • For coils with a diameter of 880 mm to 2,100 mm 
  • With up to 2.5 tonnes more payload, the same quantity of coils can be transported - with up to 8% fewer journeys.
TrailerConnect? telematics provides you with all the information you need on your trailers.


Со телематиката TrailerConnect® ги добивате сите потребни информации за вашите возила.
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