Efficient and optimised digital transport management – Telematics in the S.CS SMART curtainsider semi-trailer

Efficient and optimised digital transport management – Telematics in the S.CS SMART curtainsider semi-trailer

After being launched for refrigerated box body semi-trailers in 2018, TrailerConnect® telematics is now also a standard feature for curtainsider semi-trailers
Semi-Trailer Curtainsider with telematik as standard

September 2020 – To support the digitalisation of logistics processes and as a consistent continuation of Schmitz Cargobull’s standardisation strategy, the innovation leader now equips S.CS curtainsider semi-trailers with its TrailerConnect® CTU trailer telematics hardware as a standard feature. All S.KO COOL SMART semi-trailers have been factory fitted with the TrailerConnect® CTU3 trailer telematics since 2018. The next step into the world of smart Schmitz Cargobull trailers is now being taken as part of the company’s on-going product and service combination. As a consequence, Schmitz Cargobull is the first and only trailer OEM to install standardised telematics even in non-refrigerated trailers.

TrailerConnect® telematics is now also a standard feature for curtainsider semi-trailers

New: TrailerConnect® CTU – Trailer telematics specifically for curtainsiders and dry freighter box bodies
New: TrailerConnect® Portal as consolidation platform
New: TrailerConnect® TyreManager
New: TrailerConnect® automated door lock control

The attractively priced TrailerConnect® CTU telematics version is specifically tailored to the needs of the general cargo and dry freight transport and is optimally designed for S.CS curtainsiders and the S.KO EXPRESS dry freight box semi-trailer. 
With its standardised telematics solution, Schmitz Cargobull offers secure data and signal transmission from the connected sensors and actuators via the ‘One Single Gateway’. This creates transparency, increases transport quality, ensures maximum availability, and eliminates the need for time-consuming retrofitting of third-party systems.

The TrailerConnect® CTU 3 telematics system in the refrigerated box body semi-trailer will enable the temperature monitoring of sensitive goods or the trailer position to guarantee complete documentation in real time and for years to come. Proactive fault messages prevent downtimes: Whether it’s a problem with the cooling unit, tyres or door locking system: the solution serves to avoid breakdowns and enables the proactive planning of workshop visits. 

The TrailerConnect® CTU was developed to automotive standards as a new control unit featuring the IP6K9K protection class along with LTE-compatible communication. The standard battery with integrated heating for secure charging even in winter sets new standards in energy management and ensures lasting system availability even when the trailer is uncoupled.  TrailerConnect® can be easily installed or retrofitted and can provide an extensive range of additional information such as EBS data in addition to position data with global roaming at no extra cost to the customer. Due to the integrated 433 MHz receiver, all of the trailers with the TrailerConnect® CTU tyre are already prepared for the tyre pressure monitoring system. As a consequence, only the wireless sensors need to be installed to monitor tyre pressure and temperature. This provides everyone involved in the logistics chain with a low-cost, technologically mature solution that has been developed specifically for curtainsider semi-trailers to optimise logistics processes, reduce fleet costs, and prevent breakdowns, damage and premature wear.

By standardising its TrailerConnect® telematics solution as a factory-fitted feature, Schmitz Cargobull is laying the foundation for a new trailer architecture to reliably facilitate the rapid growth of electronics in trailers with high availability and utilising state-of-the-art technology. This also includes measures to ensure high safety and reliability standards in compliance with ISO 21434.  

Therefore, Schmitz Cargobull offers 100% factory-installed, secure and reliable connectivity for all trailers. All of the data can be made available to the customer simultaneously via the TrailerConnect® portal or also via Push API interface in third-party systems.

TrailerConnect® portal as a consolidation platform

Everything at a glance. Now also available in the TrailerConnect® portal. Regardless of the telematics provider, all of the data from the respective trailer fleet can now be displayed in the TrailerConnect® portal even without every trailer having to be fitted with TrailerConnect® hardware. This prevents data and process gaps and provides greater convenience and security by significantly reducing the number of portals needed while also consolidating all of the data, messages, etc. on a single platform. Due to the standardised presentation and easy operation, customers receive complete transparency of their fleet data. Eliminating the need to use a diverse range of portals also reduces operating costs. One contact for questions, one invoice for all of the trailers – the generic data interface of the TrailerConnect® portal represents the optimum solution. 

New TrailerConnect® TyreManager app

The TrailerConnect TyreManager is a new tyre pressure monitoring system application for tyre changes and sensor replacement. With just a few clicks, the sensors can be configured after the tyre change and sensor replacement and the new wheel position assigned without having to visit the service partner and without additional downtimes. This function only requires a PC, smartphone or tablet. The smart solution features impressive user-friendliness combined with an intuitive interface. The data is displayed correctly in the TrailerConnect® portal immediately after the tyre change.

Automated door lock control

An electronic door lock control system ensures that the goods are protected against unauthorised access. This smart, safe, and innovative function enables users to automatically control the door locking system, thus increasing process and transport safety. This is available exclusively in combination with the networked TrailerConnect® telematics solution from Schmitz Cargobull. Via the TrailerConnect® portal, users can define loading and unloading locations where the door locking system automatically unlocks the trailer on arrival or locks it when leaving. The geo-areas only need to be configured once, simply and conveniently in TrailerConnect® portal. In addition, general automatic door locking after the doors are closed can also be activated with a mouse click in the TrailerConnect® portal. 

The system offers a standard of safety due to the automating the locking and unlocking processes. Once configured in the TrailerConnect® portal, risks are minimised and manual work as part of the transport process is reduced. This results in higher level of control for dispatchers and laws the demands on drivers. All of the locking and unlocking processes are fully documented and can provide proof that the trailer was locked continuously during the entire transport.

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