The high-grade EXECUTIVE PLUS equipment package transforms the S.KO COOL SMART box body semi-trailer into a complete and efficient transport solution. Various sensors ensure that you keep an eye on the trailer and its operating costs at all times.
Box body semi-trailer S.KO COOL SMART


Comprehensive equipment and services for a reliable transport solution.

Your extras with the SMART PLUS package

Compressible roller bumper (DRP)
Dynamic Ramp Protection System (DRP) offers protection when approaching the ramp
  • A component of the EXECUTIVE PLUS equipment protects the rear of the trailer when approaching a ramp.
Schmitz Cargobull premium tyres
The Full Service package for tyres fully covers the cost of replacing worn and flat tyres.
  • Complete tyre management to optimise mileage (km), maintenance and costs, tailored to the needs of the fleet.
Tyre pressure monitoring system
The Schmitz Cargobull tyre pressure control system.
  • Lower tyre wear, reduced fuel costs and lower risk of flat tyres.
  • Total length (LA)approx. 13,600mm
  • Rear loading height, unloaded (H)approx. 1,279mm
  • Tyres385 / 65 R 22.5"
  • Total weight (permitted)39,000kg
  • Payload (permissible)31,040kg
  • Axle load (permitted)27,000kg
  • Coupling load (permitted)15,000kg
  • Unladen weight, complete+/- 3% 7,960kg
  • Trailer coupling height, unloaded (S)approx. 1,140mm
  • Trailer coupling height, loaded (S)approx. 1,115mm
  • External overall lengthapprox. 13,550mm
  • Internal body length (L)approx. 13,410mm
  • Ride height410mm
  • Body width (BA)Overall approx. 2,600mm
  • Wheelbase (R)7,600mm
  • Rear door height, internalapprox. 2,640mm
  • Rear door width, internalapprox. 2,460mm
  • Axle spacing (W)1,310mm
  • Front overhang (F)1,600mm
  • Internal body width (B)approx. 2,460mm
  • Internal body height (LH)approx. 2,650mm
  • Usable body length (LN)approx. 13,315mm
  • Usable body heightapprox. 2,650mm
  • Overall height, unloaded (HA)approx. 4,009mm
  • Overall height at front, unloadedapprox. 4,009mm
  • Overall height at rear, unloadedapprox. 4,008mm

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