Telematics Data Services

Telematics Data Services

With TrailerConnect® telematics, you get all the information you need about your vehicles. With every Smart Trailer you get direct access to your telematics data - whether via the TrailerConnect® portal or via the beUpToDate app as a portal application on mobile devices.
Are you a dispatcher, fleet manager or driver? Do you transport goods in general cargo, refrigerated or pharmaceutical transport? Find out more about the digital services and solutions for more efficiency in your daily transport routine. 
The platform for data integration, live tracking and trailer services. More information about TrailerConnect®
FleetTrack, TrailerConnect® Data Management Center undTrailerConnect® Tour Track  und TrailerConnect® FleetWatch
The information from the driver app beSmartApp ensures more safety on every tour and with the beUpToDate app, managers can keep an eye on their fleet at all times.

* Applies only to the S.KO COOL semitrailer box and the Schmitz Cargobull Cooling Unit S.CU

TrailerConnect® - one platform - everything in view

With the digital services around TrailerConnect® telematics, you always have your vehicles in view. Whether you are a driver, dispatcher or fleet operator, you manage, plan and monitor your fleet in one portal for efficient use in refrigerated, pharmaceutical or general cargo transport.

Advantages for the dispatcher

  • All information at a glance in the TrailerConnect® Portal
  • Efficient planning of routes
  • Remote access to refrigeration unit and trailer
  • Transparent processes and route monitoring, also of subcontractors used
  • Fast reaction to events (e.g. correction of setpoints)
  • Reliable compliance with the cold chain and optimal processes
  • Transport data available at all times
  • Automatic recording of the route from the start

Advantages for the fleet manager

  • Fast and digital availability of documentation (e.g. temperature records)
  • Optimal selection of the right vehicle and equipment (certificates, documents, reports)
  • Clearly arranged central monitoring of transport orders in one platform
  • Fast communication in case of queries
  • Always informed on the road with the beUpToDate App

Advantages for the driver

  • All information in one platform ensures efficient communication between driver and dispatcher
  • Improved concentration on the transport through presettings on the refrigeration unit and tailgate
  • Timely warning of malfunctions and impending breakdowns
  • Avoidance of breakdowns
  • Optimised route planning by determining the estimated time of arrival (ETA) and taking driving times into account
  • Mobile information with the driver app beSmart app
Regardless of whether you transport goods in temperature-controlled transport, pharmaceutical transport or general cargo, with reliable real-time data you create more transparency in the supply chain and thus increase your efficiency and optimise your use of resources. With TrailerConnect® telematics and the services and functions related to telematics, we offer the optimum solution for your transport tasks.
Sustainability Seal for Telematics

Cargobull Telematics GmbH certified

Sustainability is our focus, so we’re delighted to announce that the German Institute for Sustainability and Economics has certified Cargobull Telematics GmbH with the "Assured Sustainability" test seal, confirming the ecological benefits of its products and its comprehensive social competence. 
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Data consolidation and interfaces

TrailerConnect® FleetTrack​

Real-time fleet visualisation

  • •  Real-time display of truck & trailer position and availability - at a glance, regardless of the telematics hardware used
  • •  Comprehensive notification and alarm configuration 
  • • Personal reporting and history of all events, positions and temperatures
  • •  Permanent information about door and coupling status
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TrailerConnect® Data Management Center

Central integration of various systems

  • •  Visualisation of the entire transport network - incl. subcontractors
  • •  Infrastructure and consolidation platform for all telematics systems and data
  • •  Individual and secure configuration of data stream
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TrailerConnect® TourTrack

Order-related tracking of vehicles and sharing of transport data

  • •  Targeted and selected data sharing for each tour, e.g. to any Real Time Visibility (RTV) platforms
  • •  Tour-based real-time monitoring, including estimated time of arrival (ETA) 
  • •  Automatic generation of order-related temperature reports
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TrailerConnect® FleetWatch

Real-time monitoring of the refrigeration unit

  • •  Fleet dashboard for real-time monitoring of transport refrigeration machines 
  • •  Automatic fault analysis with recommendations for remedial action  
  • •  Service partner referral in the event of a breakdowns
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Apps & Co.

The apps for TrailerConnect®: The mobile apps for drivers and fleet managers are your digital access to all relevant telematics data.

TrailerConnect® beSmart App

Using the beSmart app, your drivers always keep an eye on the condition of the trailer and can react quickly if necessary. The trailer's integrated WLAN module ensures communication between the telematics control unit and the smartphone. This means you never miss any important news or messages.

  • •  Analysis of the cargo compartment temperature
  • •  Monitoring and control of the chiller
  • •  Brake pad wear check
  • •  Aggregate load
  • •  Tire status control
  • •  Tailgate locking system
  • •  Control of the door locking system
  • •  Control of the refrigeration unit


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Configure tire sensors via web application

The TrailerConnect® TyreManager is a web application for configuring and managing the installed tire sensors of a trailer with TrailerConnect® Telematics. Changes to the sensor positions are possible at any time, easily, mobile and without physical connection to the trailer.

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Webinar Recording: Real-Time Value Creation

The telematics data of your transport fleet are valuable assets! But how do you exploit its value and share it in a controlled way? Learn from our experts Soeren Danielsen, Manager Digital Services, Tim Haller, Product Manager Digital Services and Leoni Nathaus, Head of Product Management Digital Services how the TrailerConnect® Data Management Center can help you.
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  • Status overview
  • Vehicle disposition
  • Fleet Management
  • Tab Item TAPA
  • Tour Management
  • Cold Chain Analysis
  • Proactive Monitoring

Status overview

  • Overview of all important and current trailer data including map section
  • Grouping by vehicle and filter function for individual views
  • With only a few clicks to the desired function and evaluation.
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Vehicle disposition

With TrailerConnect®, you offer your customers a trailer with modern equipment and flexible use. You have a constant overview of all your vehicles and access to all relevant information for your fleet management. Technical monitoring enables preventive maintenance and you avoid breakdowns. The high level of transparency offered by the system makes usage-based billing models possible.
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Fleet management

TrailerConnect® links information about your fleet in an intelligent way. The data of all networked trailer components such as cooling, drive and sensors are recorded chronologically. Service-relevant warnings in real time avoid vehicle downtime. All technical events are documented with details of the time and place of their occurrence and rectification.
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tapa monitoring


Cargo crime is omnipresent and offences are numerous. Especially in the area of refrigerated transport, valuable cargo - e.g. from the pharmaceutical sector - needs to be protected. If necessary, have goods transported and monitored in accordance with the Trucking Security Requirements (TSR) of the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA). 
With the new TAPA mode in the TrailerConnect® portal, you receive predefined and relevant TAPA security messages at a shortened reporting interval.

Overview of the TAPA-relevant messages: 
o Door lock activated / deactivated
o Trailer coupled / uncoupled
o Alarm system activated / deactivated
o Coupling status
o Movement status
o And many more 

All functions are included in the new TAPA TSR1 telematics tariff.
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Tour Management

TrailerConnect® enables a clear evaluation of individual tours - with event, temperature and position history. Export function for easy transfer of data to external systems extends the possibilities for using TrailerConnect® telematics. Selection of the evaluation period is implemented by a simple zoom function.
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Cool Chain Analysis

The smallest temperature deviations can affect the shelf life and quality of food and pharmaceutical products. TrailerConnect® allows you to control the temperature specifications of the refrigeration machine. The system provides you with information about the temperature and humidity in the cargo area, the level in the fuel tank and the function of the refrigeration unit. Using this real-time data, you can document an intact cold chain for the entire transport in accordance with DIN EN 12830.
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Proactive monitoring

With the central monitoring of the Schmitz Cargobull S.CU refrigeration machine, breakdowns can be avoided. You are proactively informed about critical states of the refrigeration machine. The service partner receives all the necessary information in advance and can order spare parts and schedule the workshop work. This keeps workshop visits to a minimum and saves you time. Participation in this service is of course voluntary.
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  • Door lock control
  • Geofencing
  • Localization
  • Status overview
  • Tour analysis
  • Vehicle file
  • Technical data
  • Alarm configuration

Simple configuration

Simple configuration of the loading and unloading points (geofences) in the TrailerConnect® portal for automatic locking and unlocking at entry and exit
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Documentation of the processes

Documentation of all locking and unlocking processes creates additional transparency.
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Locking after 30 seconds

Optional activation of a general, automatic door lock 30 seconds after door closure with a mouse click in the TrailerConnect® portal additionally possible
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Maximum safety

Maximum safety during transport by automatic locking after 30 seconds.
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Smart locking and unlocking

Locking and unlocking the TL4 door locking system in the S.KO COOL SMART without manual effort by dispatchers or drivers saves time and increases safety.
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Creation of polygons, watchboxes or points of interest including individual naming of the area configuration for monitoring specific areas is possible with a few clicks. The alarm configuration for area entries and exits, which can be assigned to single or multiple recipients, is simple and fast.
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Location and fleet map

Everything at a glance: Trailer status including street-precise location.

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Status overview

Real-time information on the status of the trailer creates transparency and increases vehicle availability, as technical problems can be detected directly.
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Route analysis and reports

Temperature reports are generated quickly and individually in the customer CI directly from the status overview. The certified and tamper-proof temperature report can be downloaded as a PDF file and made available to shippers by e-mail.
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Vehicle file

Real-time information about the technical data of the trailer is displayed in a user-specific view. The digital service checkbook documents all technical alarms and notifications
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Technical data on the fleet map

Important information becomes visible at a glance in Google maps: from the loading status of the trailer to aggregate load information.  Further vehicle information can be viewed in detail at the click of a mouse.
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Alarm configuration

Various configurations of data for each vehicle offer comprehensive control options. The configured alarms can be assigned to single or multiple recipients. Real-time alerts via SMS and email increase transport safety.
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  • Why does TrailerConnect® telematics represent such innovative equipment, particularly in the S.KO Cool Smart?
    Because telematics in the trailer helps to make many monitoring and control processes for the semi-trailer and load more efficient and transparent, permitting considerable optimisation.
  • What benefits does an OEM system offer?
    All components are ideally connected to each other in the trailer and professionally installed in line with automotive standards. This creates a high level of quality and maximum system availability.
  • What should my trailer telematics system do in addition to giving the position?
    As well as specifying the location of the trailer, a trailer telematics system provides intelligent connectivity and fast diagnosis of all the components of the trailer, combined with reliable integrated temperature management. The right telematics systems enables processes to be optimised and transport safety improved.
Statement by Olaf Duden
The logistics industry is evolving at an ever-increasing rate. It is now fundamental to have the right partner, specifically in the telematics sector.
Olaf Duden, Fleet Manager, EURO-Leasing GmbH,
Statement by Katja Seifert
Our aim is to guarantee the safety, security and traceability of products. We do this by the real-time transmission of temperature and location data.
Katja Seifert, Fleet and Insurance, Spedition Kaiser & Schmoll,
Philipp Wegm?ller
It is essential to know at all times where our semi-trailers are, and guarantee that the refrigeration chain is intact during multimodal transport of perishable goods.
Philipp Wegmüller, Chair of the Executive Board, railCare AG,
Statement by Gert Kautetzky
Certified temperature reports, and sophisticated alarm and temperature management, are critical for the transport of pharmaceutical products.
Gert Kautetzky, Spedition Kautetzky,
Statement by Sascha Kost
We use geo-fencing points to tell us when the trailer arrives at a particular location so that any necessary repairs or maintenance can be planned in advance.
Sascha Kost, Fleet Management, Transporte Jankowski,
Statement by Ronja Assmann
We have clear, direct access to all the information about our semi-trailers in the new Telematics portal 2.0 - on smartphones or tablets too, if we need to.
Ronja Assmann, Fleet, Assmann Logistik GmbH,

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