Environmental Impact at a Glance

Environmental Impact at a Glance

We are committed to sustainable and responsible use of the environment and natural resources at its sites.

Resource-conscious management

A certified energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001 has been in  place at our German production sites of Altenberge, Toddin, Vreden and Gotha and our office buildings in Hortstmar since 2014. Our energy objective is to reduce consumption on an ongoing basis.

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Reducing energy consumption and emissions

Our goal is to reduce CO2 emissions per trailer by half by 2035. The zero measurement is currently being prepared on the basis of financial years 2019 / 20 and 2020 / 21. The values are being recorded step by step and specifications for implementation in the various plants are being drawn up.

Careful approach to auxiliary and operating materials

During our production process, Schmitz Cargobull uses a range of auxiliary and operating materials that are subject to hazardous goods/substances regulations. In some cases, certain environmental stipulations must be observed when using these types of environment-relevant substances.

Clever clogs – Apprentices awarded safety prize

In November 2020, apprentices at the Altenberge plant were awarded the “Schlauer Fuchs” (“Clever Clogs”) safety award by the wood and metal workers association in Germany. Our apprentices developed a disposal system that improved occupational safety and ergonomics at work.

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