Dry-freight trailers are the lubricant for a smooth economy

Dry-freight trailers are the lubricant for a smooth economy

What do parcels, refrigerators, computers, washing powder, musical instruments, furniture and clothing have in common? These goods are all dry-freight and are usually transported by articulated lorries in specially designed box trailers.

The variety of the goods underlines that dry-freight trailers must be special trailers. Jack-of-all trades that have to be able to transport many different product groups. The trailers should be lightweight for high payloads, but still have a stable, durable construction. Only solid, resistant vehicles can withstand the worst road conditions and cope with bumps when docking at loading ramps.

Even more important than a large payload in the dry-freight sector is a high loading volume. Electrical goods, clothes and shoes do not weigh that much, but must be optimally protected against dust, dirt and moisture. A closed case on a trailer with 100 per cent sealed rear doors is therefore a must. The interior of the trailer should have a modular design, and take the shipper's requirements into account. The load compartment floor must be level, load-bearing, non-slip and easy to clean. Load securing plays a major role in the transportation of dry-freight. After all, high-quality electrical appliances or luxury furniture have their price. Dented packaging, slipping pallets or tipped crates can mean damaged goods and an associated expense.

 Parcel delivery dry freight 
Load securing is essential

Load securing rails with a close-mesh perforated profile in the inner walls and load securing beams, straps or safety tarpaulins that can be attached as required are therefore helpful. Those moving general cargo like to use a flush-mounted double-decker system with two infinitely height-adjustable and divisible levels for their parcel freight, which can only be stacked to a limited extent. This allows the vehicles to be utilised flexibly and as fully as possible. Online mail order companies and courier and express service providers also attach great importance to load securing rails, parcel securing nets, or parcel securing gates. This ensures nothing sways even after partial unloading during the onward journey.

Load securing dry freight

Trailer Telematic for a seamless monitoring

Seamless monitoring using telematics is essential in the modern road transport world and it is increasingly in demand in the dry-freight sector. It helps to meet delivery deadlines, inform customers of delays, and protect freight from theft. It also provides hauliers with visibility of their entire fleet at all times, allowing them to monitor vehicles and loads, as well as stay informed about vehicle servicing requirements.

This is why Schmitz Cargobull has equipped its S.BO EXPRESS, S.BO PACE and S.BO STEEL dry-freight trailers with its own TrailerConnect® telematics system as standard ex works, making them 100 per cent SMART. Telematics helps to optimise transport processes and increase transport efficiency.



Individually configurable

The S.BO PACE dry van is particularly suitable for e-fufilment and courier express services work. It has a modular design that uses high-quality materials and consists of a lightweight box body made of STRUKTOPLAST. This is firmly attached to the galvanised, rolled MODULOS chassis with ROTOS axles. Since mid-2022, the dry-freight model developed for the UK market has also been manufactured at our Spanish production plant in Zaragoza and available throughout Europe. The STRUKTOPLAST panels made from honeycomb modules make the vehicle around 700 kg lighter than comparable vehicles with a plywood body. The trailer, certified to EN 12642-XL, offers customers a range of equipment options. In addition to various load securing options, a light roof or an aluminium roof, an optional tail lift and a choice of roller shutter or aluminium doors at the rear, as well as LED interior lighting, are available. The floor carries 5.5 tonnes as standard but can be optionally reinforced to 7.1 tonnes or 8.0 tonnes.

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Light strip dry freight

Alongside the S.BO PACE, Schmitz Cargobull also offers the S.BO EXPRESS with FERROPLAST panels or the robust S.BO STEEL, which has a beaded steel box body.

The S.BO EXPRESS is intended for transporting high-value, high demand goods, including those used in event logistics and also hazardous goods. It is available in a standard length of 13.6m as well as a 15.0m version on request. Schmitz Cargobull's modular system makes either variant individually configurable. Choose from a double-decker loading system, load securing rails and LED interior lighting - nothing is impossible. With an interior height of 2.95m and a maximum load volume of 108m³ the trailers are ideal tools for high volume work. Schmitz Cargobull also offers special gripping edges for the use of the trailers in combined transport, which means they can be easily loaded into railway pocket wagons by crane or reach stacker. The dry-freight trailers are also fitted with clearly labelled ferry rings in the chassis so that they can be anchored to the floor of the ferry when travelling by sea.

Intercontinental ferry transport

The S.BO STEEL is the perfect partner for unaccompanied intercontinental ferry transport. With its corrugated steel body, it transports goods for the automotive industry as well as clothing or other security-relevant freight in a secure manner.

The equipment options are varied and can be configured precisely to the respective requirements. For example, a double-decker system with up to 128 double-decker rails offers the option of hanging clothing. Another option is keyhole plates for horizontal beams, tension belts and clothes rails, which can be used alone or in combination with EU double-decker rails for maximum flexibility when securing loads. The usable interior height is 2.95m providing maximum loading volume.

With the tried and tested S.BO EXPRESS, S.BO PACE and S.BO STEEL from Schmitz Cargobull, customers are ideally equipped for any challenge the dry-freight transport sector may present. The transport capacity and trailer equipment can be customised to meet individual needs, facilitating the movement of goods that underpin our global economy.