Reliable and innovative transport solutions

Reliable and innovative transport solutions

To enable us to fulfil our transport and logistics duties even more successfully, we continually work on our innovative products and services, which are characterised by their reliability, durability and sustainability.

Sustainability of our products

We are committed to sustainable and responsible use of the environment and natural resources. Important focal points are lower energy consumption and a reduction in CO2 in production. We reduce our carbon footprint on an ongoing basis, for instance, by employing new production processes and technology, and we have set ourselves the goal of halving carbon emissions from our production lines by 2035.

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The challenge facing our industry: Transporting more goods in a more environmentally-friendly way

Our environmentally friendly solutions for this

The EcoDuo long-distance concept

Efficient EcoDuo transport concept

Orientated long-distance concept for the transport sector. Schmitz Cargobull's commitment to the Europe-wide launch of a transport concept that reduces CO2 emissions while increasing transport volume. There is no additional load on the existing infrastructure and, at the same time, vehicle and logistics standards are complied with.
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Curtainsider S.CS EcoFLEX


Rethinking sustainability - aerodynamic design for fuel savings and reduction of CO2 emissions.
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Our production network

Our production network’s strategy is to ensure the same high standard of product quality at all sites in order to guarantee the lowest costs for our customers and  generate a lower carbon footprint through higher efficiency.

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Packing density streamlined in full and empty transport runs

Softwaretool package system

Softwaretool PackAssistant

 Is used for new development projects and as part of efforts to improve current components in circulation during the planning of inbound supply chains.

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Folding plastic container

A folding plastic container that has the same interior and exterior dimensions as a standard commercial pallet cage is used to transport large, lightweight goods that  are transported over long distances.

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Another folding plastic container

Another folding plastic container that has the same exterior and interior dimensions as a standard commercial KLT 6429 is used to transport electronic components from Austria.

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Digitalisation and its huge potential for logistics

Digitalisation is a huge priority for Schmitz Cargobull and plays an important role in practically every field of its business. To further extend our position as a digital leader among trailer manufacturers, we have defined our digital strategy around three focus areas:→ Internal corporate processes
→ Existing products and services
→ New digital business models


Protecting the long-term value of used vehicles

Schmitz Cargobull has been active in the used vehicle business for over 50 years via our Cargobull Trailer Stores (CTS). Since then, CTS’s range and service portfolio have been successfully expanded in line with customer and market requirements. Contributing around 10 % of the group’s revenue, CTS is a key player within Schmitz Cargobull and an internationally recognised / renowned provider of high-quality second-hand vehicles.

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